as long as the earth turns I’ll always love you

Everybody wants happiness and nobody wants pain, but you can’t have a rainbow without a little rain. All Pocket Monsters sites are listed according to the National Pokédex number whereas human characters and relationship sites are sorted alphabetically. At present, the majority of sites listed here are fanlistings dedicated to the various Pokémon and Trainers that I’ve come to love after all these years. However, I do hope to turn some fanlistings of my favourite characters into tributes in the future. :) Gotta catch ’em all!

#039 Jigglypuff (Purin)
Heartfelt Song

#135 Jolteon (Thunders)
High Voltage

#144 Articuno (Freezer)
Arctic Quetzal

#145 Zapdos (Thunder)
Thunder Bird

#146 Moltres (Fire)
Fiery Phoenix

#179 Mareep (Merriep)
Electric Fleece

#180 Flaaffy (Mokoko)
Static Fluff

#255 Torchic (Achamo)
Fire Chick

#256 Combusken (Wakasyamo)
Double Kick

#257 Blaziken (Bursyamo)
Blaze Kick

#300 Skitty (Eneco)
So Adorable

#330 Flygon
The Desert Spirit

#333 Swablu (Tyltto)

#334 Altaria (Tyltalis)

#376 Metagross
Millennium Metal

#380 Latias
Mist Ball

#381 Latios
Luster Purge

#382 Kyogre

#383 Groudon
Drought Realm

#384 Rayquaza
Dragon Ascent

#425 Drifloon (Fuwante)

#426 Drifblim (Fuwaride)

#471 Glaceon (Glacia)
Diamond Dust

#475 Gallade (Erureido)
Blade Storm

#607 Litwick (Hitomoshi)

#608 Lampent (Lampler)
Ominous Light

#682 Spritzee (Shushupu)

#716 Xerneas
Lights of Life

#719 Diancie
Diamond Princess

#722 Rowlet (Mokuroh)
Precious Birb

#724 Decidueye (Junaiper)

Drew (Shuu)


May (Haruka)
Watashi, Makenai!

Ruby & Sapphire Birch
Love Story

Steven Stone
Paladin of Steel

can’t help it if I wanna kiss you in the rain

Anyone who thinks that sunshine is pure happiness, has never danced in the rain. Here is a list of the numerous ideas that have ever came across my mind, though I cannot promise that all of them will get to see the light. Nevertheless, I’m listing them down here for my own reference and for you to hope with uncertainty. xD

Life sometimes takes you into troubled waters not to drown you but to cleanse you. Displayed below are the various Pokémon fanlistings that I wish to own, especially for the games counterpart. I adore a lot of Pokémon and can’t seem to get enough of them. :P They are also potential subjects for shrines that I may work on in the future.